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      Recent Posts

      • Training Officer / 2 days

        We are currently recruiting a Training Officer at IKWRO.

      • Specialist Advocate, WISER Project?/ 3 days

        We are recruiting a Specialist Advocate for the WISER Project at IKWRO.

      • Virginity Does Not Define Me

        IKWRO launches new Virginity Does Not Define Me campaign to challenge the false and harmful notion that virginity is in any way a measure of a girl’s or woman’s worth.…

      • True honour awards 2020-21

        IKWRO are delighted to announce the nominees and winners of the True Honour Awards 2020-21. On behalf of IKWRO and all of the judges, we would like to congratulate every…

      Call IKWRO now:
      Mon to Fri 9.30-5.30 0207 920 6460

      For out-of-hours emergencies call
      Kurdish / Arabic/English: 07846 275246
      Farsi / Dari / English: 07846 310157

      If you are in immediate danger dial 999

      Out of hours press inquiries: 07862 733511

      About IKWRO

      IKWRO is a registered charity number 1151507 founded in 2002. We are committed to providing non-judgmental support to women who speak Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Dari, Pashtu and English.


      Postal contact

      IKWRO – Women’s Rights Organisation
      PO Box 75229
      E15 9FX

      Contact us

      Mon to Fri 9.30-5.30 0207 920 6460

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